Servicing Non-Mercedes

At Three Point Automotive, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled knowledge of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but that of course does not mean that we only service and repair that brand. What it does mean is that our reputation, obsession with detail, and decades of experience can only be of benefit for non-Mercedes vehicles too.


With our diagnostic equipment and business relationships with genuine part suppliers, we can service, repair and undertake diagnostic work of non-Mercedes vehicles, no matter how small or big the job.


The key when choosing your preferred garage is looking at its reputation, quality of work, and level of expertise. The fact that Three Point Automotive is a Mercedes-Benz specialist, put simply, means that the level of care and attention to detail that you would expect with prestige vehicles is passed down across our working practices to ensure that all manufacturer makes and models are treated with the same level of respect by our highly-skilled technicians.

For more information and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please contact or call us on 01492 592567.

Three Point Automotive is an Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialist and is in no way affiliated to Mercedes-Benz UK or their Retailer Network.

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