Diagnostic Work

Do you have a warning light on, or an irritating problem that needs looking at, but you keep putting it off?


Diagnostic work can be challenging, time-consuming and often perceived as expensive. Customers fear the unknown, worry about what we might find and how much it will cost to carry out an effective repair.


Here at Three Point Automotive, we want to challenge this perception. In our 20 year experience, diagnostic costs tend to spiral out of control when Technicians are using sub-standard equipment and there is a distinct lack of up-to-date training. Why should you pay the price for a garages’ lack of investment?


We have invested heavily in the correct diagnostic equipment, have access to all the latest Factory technical Information, great relationships with the Factory Engineers and the teams that designed these systems, so we will always get to the bottom of your Mercedes-Benz problem.

It’s far cheaper in the long run to let our specialist team look at your vehicle first. It can often take hours to unravel what has been done when the correct diagnostic process hasn’t been followed.

Give us a call to discuss your concerns, or book your vehicle in for an hour of diagnostic time. In our world this means we will be spending a “good hour” on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, not a Solicitors’ hour where every minute needs to be accounted for. We are confident to give you a clear direction on what needs to be done to get the problem rectified.

We have the capability to support older vehicles too, with Factory Technical Manuals for all models, as well as the correct, manufacturer-specified tooling to carry out effective repairs. Many workshops are reluctant to take on this work, but at Three Point Automotive, we have a huge passion for classic vehicles and aren’t afraid to get stuck in – we actually look forward to it!

When choosing a specialist workshop, for your protection it’s worthwhile checking their qualification levels. The skillset required to be a Diagnostic Technician over 20 years ago is completely different to what it is today. Ask when they last attended a Mercedes-Benz specific Training Course, for example.

We are always happy to let you talk to our Technicians, show you our credentials and discuss what we can do for you over a coffee, as well as showing you round our well-equipped and modern workshop.

Three Point Automotive is an Independent Mercedes-Benz Specialist and is in no way affiliated to Mercedes-Benz UK or their Retailer Network.

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