We can supply and fit tyres for any vehicle using our state of the art, fully automatic tyre machine, which can handle tyres up to 28”.  


Choosing tyres can be a minefield as there are so many different makes and models to choose from, so we are here to advise you on the most suitable tyre for your vehicle. All we need is the tyre size or your registration number.

There are two key pieces of information that many people miss when asking for a tyre quotation, these being the letters “M.O.” or “M.O.E.”.

“M.O.” stands for “Mercedes-Benz Original”, which means that the tyre is specifically designed for your Mercedes-Benz. The tyre will have an optimised compound to help reduce noise, tyre wear and improve grip.

“Mercedes-Benz Original Extended” or “M.O.E” identifies that the tyre has extended run-flat characteristics. This means that should you suffer a puncture, the hardened sidewall will allow you to continue your journey to a place of safety.

Mercedes-Benz do not use actual run-flat tyre, due to their high noise characteristics and poor handling, so “M.O.E.” tyres are an excellent compromise.    

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